Is your CCTV system up to the job?

As a company that deals mainly with large security systems, we rarely have to deal with clients that don't see the benefit of spending good money on good cameras for  key operational areas. However we do have smaller customers who may think that a $1000 camera & DVR setup is all they need, it is to them that we say, watch the following two videos, to see the benefits in getting this right the first time.

It is a fact that CCTV cannot help solve all crimes and infact is only useful in a small percentage of crimes, but if your system is not as good as it could be, then it may as well not be there at all.

The following video is produced by the FBI, and is a really good guide on how to setup a system for the best results, from backlighting to record rates and much more.

Although IP video changes the goal posts with this sort of thing, it is actually still VERY relevant. IP Video actually compresses the video before it is transmitted accross a network, and due to this, it is essential to setup the camera correctly for maximum efficiency.

In our opinion, NOTHING beats a good analogue system, setup correctly, maintained correctly and using high quality systems throughout. but in this day and age, clients require something more flexible, and a IP video solution is great as it can offer flexible recording solutions while offering quicker setup (when utilising a complete package - as camera setup can be done from the DVR's) and easier setup through PoE.

Part 1:

Part 2:

A site plan is always the best place to start, then progress from there. The best system for a client really depends on several things, namely:

  1. The type of business - you wouldn't put the same system in an office as in a factory;
  2. The expectations of the client - whats the most likely usage situation, burgulary, hold-up, business hours, after hours;
  3. The budget of the client - no use trying to sell them a system that is double what they can afford;
  4. The flexibility required - network viewers, interfacing to access control or alarm systems, etc


Many of our clients have only realised that their camera systems are not working properly when they have needed to get footage from it after an event. At this point, it is too late to do anything. either check the system regularly yourself, or pay for a maintenance contract, and have someone do it for you.

Certain staff carry current National Security Clearances  for works on government contracts.

If you require this level of assurance, please ask for staff with these credentuals, we are happy to help.