Connecting to Citrix from an iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) device

Getting citrix to work on ios devices (ipod, iPhone, ipad):

  1. Find and install “Citrix Receiver” in app store;
  2. Start “Receiver”;
  3. The first time you start the receiver, it will ask you to setup a new account, Click "Add Account";
  4. Type in the address of the Citrix server and Click “next”;
  5. When the receiver fails to verify the server address, click “Manual setup”;
  6. Select web interface, Add a connection name and click save;
  7. This is now the main screen that you will see when starting receiver;
  8. Click on the profile name you entered and the Receiver will connect to the server (you may see a screen popup momentarily, saying redirecting, this is normal).

You should now be able to logon to citrix through your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod).

The next time you start the “Receiver”, you will simply have to select the profile name (as seen in step 7) and login to connect to your services.

Certain staff carry current National Security Clearances  for works on government contracts.

If you require this level of assurance, please ask for staff with these credentuals, we are happy to help.