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PC Beacon


PC Beacon flashes the screen and speaks "Attention Required" from the speakers of the computer. It was made for use on customers sites where you are remotely controlling a computer, and either require the users attention again, or need someone to find and locate the correct PC quickly and easily.

This is achieved, through changing the background colour of a full-screen window (with no borders). The colour change rate is easily changeable (set for once per second as standard).

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SCPrompt is an addon for UltraVNC server that creates a customisable remote support solution.

SCPrompt allows for predefined connections to be setup, with an option for manual connections.

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STG AutoDialer


This application will establish a dial-up (RAS or wireless broadband) connection within windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 2008 & Win_7, maintaining it until application closed ... if the connection is dropped, the application automatically attempts to redial.

Similar is available within windows RAS, however, STG Auto Dialer has several additional additional features that are not available with standard.

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YTS_Backup_script.cmd is an easily customisable backup script Through the use of .backup files, its easy to add extra directories or files to back...
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25 Feb 2011
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2.74 Kb
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