Opening ISO CD/DVD image files

Thursday, 16 February 2012 14:39

We often get asked how to get information from an .ISO .bin or other type of CD / DVD image file, so here are the easiest ways we know of.

  1. Mount the ISO as though it was burnt to a CD/DVD and inserted into a drive on your PC
  2. Extract all files from the image to a directory on your PC


Mount the CD/DVD Image

Download and install Virtual CloneDrive from slysoft, double click on your file and start browsing.

Extract the files

Download and install Universal extractor, then right mouse click on the file and choose extract, select a location, and kick back and relax for a minute or two while the magic happens.


Extracting files from executables and compressed archives

Thursday, 20 November 2008 00:19

If you have ever wanted to extract files from most compressed archives and many executables, then "Universal Extractor" is what you need ...

This handy application allows you to right mouse click on many different file types, and extract them. Moreover it is open source autoit, so it gets two big thumbs up from us.

How to send e-mail without opening Microsft Outlook first

Sunday, 14 May 2006 16:10

  1. right click on desktop & choose new->shortcut & click browse
  2. locate the outlook.exe file and select it & click open
  3. in the create shortcut box add the following text to the end of the command line (outside the closing quote marks) /c ipm.note
  4. click next and name your s/cut
  5. click finish

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