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Secure Technology Group (SecureTech) is an Australian based global technology support company with expertise in the Information Technology, electronic systems integration, electronic security integration and networking industries.

SecureTech prides itself on providing a service that continually exceeds our customers expectations.

We supply Technology Support Services to several industry sectors, including:

  • Electronic Security
  • Mobile Trades People
  • Small Factory Businesses
  • Home Offices

By specialising in a few related industries, we can offer our clientele a greater depth of knowledge, allowing them to concentrate on growing their business. At the same time, we take care of their technology.

At Secure Tech, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by encompassing many areas of modern technology and modern life. With several decades of combined experience in the Electronic Security and Information Technology industries, we are well placed to advise our clients on some of the more complex parts of modern society … security.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security is a vital part of modern life. Our skills encompass the physical and IT side of security, and in this modern world, it helps to know your technology, business, and computing needs are secure with us. Security is the primary reason we came to exist and makes up a large part of who we are now. Due to this, all staff have a current NSW Security License, with some having National Security Clearances. As such, you can be assured our staff have no minor convictions within the last ten years and no major criminal convictions ever.


While an IT company is good, a Technology Partner is better. Our knowledge progresses into product designs, development, and integration. We can work with the largest, most complex networks or a single computer system, with equal attention to detail.


We don’t want to work for you. We want to work with you. After all, our business will grow with our partners. By creating a partnership, we both benefit from your business growth, so who do you want to work on your technology? A Technology Partner or an IT company.


Although Computers and IT equipment make up a large amount of the technology that surrounds us, it is not the only part. It is often the easiest to find help with because the information is readily available for most problems. We have found that it’s no longer good enough to be good with computers, networks and other business gadgets. Our customers expect someone to know about all their technology needs. That is why, if we cannot help you with your technology problems, we will not charge you for that.

Compare us

Do our competitors offer such a wide range of knowledge and assurances? Do your research, and look around. We honestly don’t think you will find anyone better suited to assist you (or your clients). After all, that’s why we started our company in the first place.


With several decades of combined experience in building and maintaining large scale Electronic Security, CCTV, Access Control, Alarm systems and Information Technology Installations, we are well placed to advise our clients on some of the more complex parts of the modern computing … security, Scalability, redundancy and remote access.

We have designed and built large scale network-based security systems, consisting of Fault Tolerant (FT) servers, High Availability (HA) servers, IP cameras, Remote Access Systems, Firewalls, VPNs, Network Storage (NAS) and much more.

We have developed custom solutions for various Australian Government and private organisations and international clients such as the NHS.


Secure Technology Group is all about making a difference in this world. That’s why we maintain that providing charities & non-profits with pro-bono works wherever possible is an integral part of our business, not something we do as an afterthought.

These works have included creating and maintaining websites, creating and securing cloud sharing resources and much more assistance.


Secure Technology Group bases its products and business on the idea that innovation and business value thrive in an environment of openness. This is why Secure Technology Group embraces and encourages open standards, open architecture and open source solutions.

Because of our “open” thinking, our Business Partners, SOHO and home customers benefit from many open source software solutions, including:

  1. Office Suites (Word processing, spreadsheets);
  2. ERP & CRM (finances, distribution, sales, service and customer management);
  3. Maintenance Utilities (HDD Defragmentation, backup)
  4. Webdesign & Hosting (Domain Name Registration, Hosting Packages, CMS, Site Updating Software, etc.)
  5. Email (On-site mail servers, Mail Clients)
  6. Secure Communications & storage (VPN, SSH, SSL, Digital Signatures and File Encryption)
  7. Virtualised Environments (VPS Servers)

and many more.

Have a look around our website, and if you like what you see, feel free to contact us to discuss your technology needs with one of our technical support professionals.