IPChanger for Windows IPV4 settings

The IPChanger for Windows 10, allows you to change your IP address details with just two clicks, disconnect/reconnect adapters .

This program is designed to be used by personnel who administrate Network’s and/or have a good understanding of the Network addressing scheme’s of their networks.
Using this program incorrectly may stop your computer from accessing or being accessible on the network, and you may loose internet connection.


Download IPChangerV3.8


Welcome Screen for IPChanger (V3.8)
Main Screen for IPChanger (V3.8)


Originally created by Timmio (Circa 2009), the application was updated by us to deal with Windows 7 changes and then again for Windows 10, Unfortunately the original location of the software has been lost to us, so we cannot link to it. If you find it, please comment below, so we can give credit where its due.