SCPrompt – How-to Add SecureVNC plugin

SecureVNC Plugin allows secure communications (Using AES256) between VNC viewer and server.

  1. download scprompt.
  2. download SecureVNC.dsm (use google)
  3. place SecureVNC.dsm in some_path/scpromt_dir/scprompt/
    (there are all conf files and others)
  4. Next step is to configure your some_path/scpromt_dir/scprompt/ultravnc.ini.
    You can make it by your hands or just start some_path/scpromt_dir/scprompt/winvnc.exe and configure it through the program propeties.
    All changes made in program gui will be written to some_path/scpromt_dir/scprompt/ultravnc.ini
  5. Enable SecureVNC.dsm plugin (by hands or through gui).
  6. Configure scprompt.ini through gui (provided by settings_manager.exe).
  7. “build” your sc.
  8. run vncviewer in listen mode, don’t forget to:
    1. copy SecureVNC.plugin to vncviewer’s directory
    2. make vncviewer use SecureVNC.plugin.

That’s all.