Category: Projects

  • Web Accessibility

    Web accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities. When sites are correctly designed, developed and edited, all users can have equal access to information and functionality. It is an important aspect of a company’s web presence, and can have a profound impact on their user-base […]

  • Amputee Association of NSW ‘Lost’ website

    A few years ago, we started working with the Amputee Association of NSW as a pro-bono technology partner. At that stage, we offered the association our assistance in building a website. After some investigations, we realised that the association already had a website, but that the domain name registration had lapsed and so the site was […]

  • Wireless Broadband & Dialup Control Application

    About: STG_AutoDialer will establish a dialup (RAS) connection, and maintain it … if connection is dropped, the application automatically redials to selected connection. RAS connections are used by wireless broadband USB dongles such as Huwaei. The STG_AutoDialer application creates a log file, recording the connection times, when a connection is lost (and thus redialed). The log file is […]

  • UltraVNC Website Redevelopment

    The UltraVNC Website was developed by the core developer of UltraVNC over several years. It served its purpose at the time, and is a credit to its creator. The problem is, that the website is outdated, and is rather confusing. It needed a way of being updated quickly, easily and remotely. A CMS (Content Management System) was […]

  • AANSW Website Updates

    Work on the Amputee Association of NSW website is finally underway, and content additions should be finished by the AGM 2009. The Website has taken quite some time to get sorted (mainly due to the learning curve needed by association members, for such a large site), but now, with the help of a dedicated volunteer, things […]

  • AANSW Website Launch

    Amputee Association of NSW website is officially launching today. Today we have been invited to the AGM for the amputee association of NSW, to give a speech on the progress of their website and to introduce members (and member organisations) to the website, and explain how to join, and how they can use its features […]

  • SCPrompt – Open Source Remote Destop Support Tool

    SCPrompt is a versatile Open Source Remote Support Application by SecureTech. SCPrompt allows a person to create a customised Remote Support Tool for their company. The Roll Your Own (RYO) download, allows you to create your own EXE to send to clients (or upload to your website) which when executed, creates a “reverse” VNC connection (Server […]