Category: Windows Tips

  • Remove preinstalled window 10 apps for all users using powershell

    To remove the apps that come pre-installed with windows 10, open a powershell window as Administrator, and paste the following

  • Map Network drive to remote computer via SSH

    If you need to access files on a remote computer (such as a webserver), you can use several different software to do this.

  • Adding Remote Desktop (RDP) support to windows 10 home

    Microsoft Windows 10 home is easily modified to add the Remote Desktop features. These feature are only normally available in the Professional version of win10 (pro). You don’t need to pay for the professional version to have Remote Desktop services installed on your computer. Some smart people have worked out how install Remote Desktop Server […]

  • Remotely Lock & Shutdown computers using PowerShell

    PowerShell takes the functionality of batch scripts to the next level and allows you to Remotely Lock & Shutdown computers using PowerShell. The following needs to be run on each computer if using a workgroup setup. or changed in your AD security policy (to make it permanent – which isn’t advisable without signing the script) […]

  • Relaunching a windows app using a batch script

    We recently had need to restart an app server exe automatically when the demonstration license it was running on caused the server to close regularly, annoying everyone trying to learn the system. We had need of a script (YAY) to check if it was running and restart it when required. Requirements: Check to see if […]

  • Opening ISO CD/DVD image files

    We often get asked how to get information from an .ISO .bin or other type of CD / DVD image file, so here are the easiest ways we know of. Mount the ISO as though it was burnt to a CD/DVD and inserted into a drive on your PC Extract all files from the image […]