Joomla Template positions and locations


When working with Joomla templates such as ja_purity creating or editing templates or editing module locations, there are a few things that come in handy.

  1. Using firefox with firebug is a great way to test and fix little problems
  2. Knowing where the template positions are is an easy click away. The link to know is index.php?tp=1 this will show all the position names and locations within the template.

HTML 4.0 Symbols

Many People still use editors that either don't have or have limited access to symbols, but still need to put them into HTML from time to time (like myself).

Below is a small table of some Symbols, their HEX and Decimal Values.
The Complete original table is found HERE on htmlhelp.com ... give credit where its due.

Read more: HTML 4.0 Symbols


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