Some years ago, we created JDsVNCJDsVNC, which essentually created a SSH tunnel, and ran UltraVNC SC through that tunnel. After several redevelopments, we reached a conclusion that there was better choices available in the open source world.

When the best of those choices changed from being open source to closed source and offering a commercial product, we decided to create our own. VNC2MeVNC2Me was born out of this need.

VNC2MeVNC2Me was originally started several years ago, and went through rapid development for some time, until a stable release was created.

VNC2Me Development is an ongoing commitment from Secure Technology Group, and we are currently looking at ways to increase the availability of this product to the public (as many users comment it is the easiest remote support application they have used).

Certain staff carry current National Security ClearancesNational Security Clearances  for works on government contracts.

If you require this level of assurance, please ask for staff with these credentuals, we are happy to help.