SecureTech SCPrompt SCPrompt Version released

SCPrompt Version released

So much has changed in this version that we figured it was about time to move to version #1 …

**Link removed as old & dead now**

New manual version released (We realised this hadn’t been updated in a while … only about 2 years old)

**Link removed as old & dead now**

Updates for THIS release

  • Add – All GUI – Disclaimer GUI shows on startup if disclaimer.htm or disclaimer_*language*.htm exists in scprompt dir (examples: disclaimer_english.htm or disclaimer_german.htm) 
  • Add – All GUI – New tool menu to allow whiteboard writing on screen 
  • Add – All GUI – New tool menu to Start Beacon GUI to call user back to screen. 
  • Add – All GUI – Contextual menu to the Main GUI Screens (doesn’t work too well on button or automatic GUIs – but otherwise works well) 
  • Add – Auto GUI – translation are now available for this GUI type 
  • Add – Auto GUI – Is now an option in GUI_Type within the INI (in addition to the commandline) 
  • Add – Auto GUI – Option to disable Beeps on timer count-down ([Common] > GUIAUTOSILENT=1) 
  • Add – Manual GUI – Is now an option in GUI_Type within the INI (will make settings manager easier to setup manual & automatic GUI’s). 
  • Add – Button GUI – Service Mode (untested, and needs refining, but its there) 
  • Add – Builder – NSIS to Builder (i just made the Batch script into the autoit script … so now it uses the directory name as the application name) 
  • Add – Builder – Setting for Pre (Before) & Post (After) when creating the shortcuts in NSIS mode Builder.INI (best i can do at this point) 
  • Add – Settings Manager – New settings manager (has 4 tabs in it now, to make selections a little easier to understand, and give me room to add more settings as required). 
  • Add – Settings Manager – a “test it” button (or press “CTRL + T”). 
  • Add – Settings Manager – GUI (Accelerator) shortcut keys for Apply (“CTRL + S”) and new test (“CTRL + T”) 
  • UPDATE – Settings Manager – now uses (most of) the latest settings and should be easier and better to use (a few of the minor setting left out, but it is enough for the moment) 
  • UPDATE – All GUI – Change all Languages to use Seperate Language INI files (including English) to allow better selection of Languages and easier Maintenance into the future. 
  • UPDATE – All GUI – Translations now all use the LANG_*****.INI files. All OS IDs are now automatic – may add manual override at a later date if required. 
  • UPDATE – All GUI – Make sure all Translated Languages are in this release 
  • FIX – Error with Combo GUI and one Predefined Connection + Manual (the Predefined connection would disapear – leaving only manual) 
  • Removed – All GUI – Dependancy on [Common] > UsePredefined=1 has been removed as it is no longer needed due to setting Manual as a GUI_Type option

TO-DO for NEXT release

  • Add – Translator – New App – allows easy selection and addition of languages – which can then be listed for blank translations
  • Add – All GUI – If Admin, shutdown all known other versions of VNC before starting SCPrompt in servicemode, then start them up again on exit (save the services we stopped to a temp .ini to allow for recovery after support finishes, no matter how many reboots later that is)
  • Add – Builder – Allow Setting of Company name and more from INI for NSIS package type
  • Add – Settings Manager – Option to setup your own UVNC Password (and read the current one in if possible
  • UPDATE – All GUI – UVNC version to (requires above in settings manager)
  • UPDATE – Buttons GUI – Fix when manual button pressed, the manual address, port & ID inputs cannot be clicked (but can tab to them)
  • UPDATE – All GUI – Get all translations updated !!!
  • FIX – Auto GUI – Diagnose why the icon doesn’t change on automatic GUI … (why does it ?)

Delayed indefinitely

  • Add – All GUI – Safemode starting of VNC server – The Latest BETA version of UVNC server allows for rebooting to safe mode … so not needed anymore – just replace winvnc.exe with latest BETA (which is already a to-do for the next release) 

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