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SCPrompt (Roll-Your-Own) Alpha Release Download


SCPrompt 2009 Creates a reverse VNC connection using either Manual or pre-configured Information.

This Download provides a builder (Build_SCPrompt.exe) which will step you through the process of creating your Custom SCPrompt Application.

The Builder will ask several question, and will open a settings manager to assist you with all necesary settings if required.

Further customisation can be obtained through the use of updated scprompt.exe applications (when available) manually editing the scprompt.ini file (in the scprompt directory).

Replacing the Logo.ico (from the scprompt directory) will replace the icon in the built SCPrompt distributable file, and the final application window and tray menu.

Replace any images found in the scprompt directory to better customise your client file.

Consult the readme.txt file included for further configuration and building notes.

Submitted By:
YTS_jim (JDaus)
Submitted On:
13 Nov 2010
File Size:
3,905.12 Kb
AGPL (Secure Technology Group Australia 2009-2010) no warranty or liability claimed or implied.
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File Date:
13 Nov 2010
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